Digital - Photography of Fine Art

 High Resolution Photographs of Original Art: 
Each digital capture is made with our latest  Hasselblad  camera and digital back.  The image is matched to the original using Eizo calibrated monitors and saved as an RGB tif file.  

Large Digital Capture - 75+ Megabytes                     $100.00
Medium Digital Capture - 26 to 75 Megabytes                           $ 65.00
Small Digital Capture - 1 to 25 Megabytes                  $ 25.00
Archive to CD - Archival Gold CD                                $ 15.00
Archive to CD - Standard CD                                           $ n/c

PHOTOGRAPHY BY APPOINTMENT: Artists may request an appointment to photograph art.  We will make every effort to accommodate artists from out of the area by allowing them to make an appointment to drop off their art and pick it up later the same day.