Film Scanning

High Resolution Scans of Traditional Films: 
Negative and transparency films from 35mm to 4 X 5 are scanned on our Imacon scanner.
  The files are spotted to remove dust and balanced to match the color and density of the original.
Small scan – up to 15 megabytes                                               $10.00 
Medium scan - up to 25 megabytes                                           $21.95 
Large scan - 26 to 100 megabytes                                             $45.00 
Scans larger than 100 megabytes - add per megabyte                 $0.50 
Save to standard CD                                                                     $ n/c    

Films that are excessively dirty will require an additional charge for cleanup
  Older films that have not been stored in optimum conditions must often be cleaned
prior to scanning.  An additional charge will be assessed for film cleaning.