Digital Capture of Fine Art

The first step in recording or reproducing your art is securing the finest quality digital capture.

Our camera room is dedicated to producing the highest quality digital capture of your art.  From the all black ceiling and walls to the latest Hasselblad camera and digital back and the custom designed lighting our system allows us to photograph art from inches in size to 10 ft.

The capture is only the start of the process.  In a black room the art is illuminated by color balanced light.  The digital file is displayed on one of out Eizo monitors calbrated to provide optimum color and contrast.  With only the original art and the digitial file visible the final adjustments are made to balance the color of the digital file.

Giclee Printing

The highest quality inkjet printing on canvas and watercolor materials.

The printing process begins with the highest quality printer and canvas or watercolor paper.  We use only Epson printers with Ultrachrome K3 archival quality pigment inks.  All materials are printed with custom profiles to utilize the full potential of the materials.  Initial tests are run to further dial in the color and nuances of the original art.  The final test is then submitted to the artist for approval

Liquid lamination of canvas materials.

Inkjet canvas requires a laminate coating to protect the surface and provide a layer of UV protection.  Our liquid laminator provides a beautiful, even coating to the final canvas.

Photographic Printing

Inkjet printing on traditional photographic type gloss, matte and fibre based papers.

Traditional or digital photographic images still require the same attention to color, density and contrast as in the past.  Our controls are vastly improved with the digital process however the final product is still the result of the printer's eye and experience.  The goal is always to produce the print the artist visualized.

Mounting and Laminating

Permanent mounting on gator foam boards, sintra and other materials.

Photographic materials can be mounted on a variety of materials including gator foam, aluminum, sintra, styrene and Plexiglas.  We use only the finest adhesives and laminates on our Greig cold mount laminator to mount prints from 5 x 7 inches to 4 x 8 ft.

Inkjet prints have a fragile surface that will mar or scratch on contact.  A gloss or matte laminate applied to mounted prints will provide physical and UV protection.

Film Scanning

The highest resolution scanning of films from 35mm to 4 x 5.

All films are scanned on our Imacon scanner.  The image is spotted to remove dust and balanced to match the color and density of the original.  Film scans require experience and knowledge of the process to retain detail in the shadow and highlight areas without sacrificing the overall tonal quality.

Digital Retouching

Restore or enhance your image with digital retouching.

Color in digitial files can be altered to more faithfully match natural color or changed for a more dramatic interpretation.

Photographs damaged or degrading from the effects of age can often be repaired in the digital file.  Over the years we have photographed and reproduced many historic documents and photographs.