About Us

Eagle Photographics provides photography of art for artists, print makers, galleries, museums and other organizations involved with the production of art.  The quality of every image whether viewed on screen or printed is determined by the original photograph.  Our goal is to give you the best possible image to start with.  The tools we maintain to accomplish our work are the best available and more importantly they have been assembled to create a system.  Every component of our system has been designed to facilitate the photography and reproduction of art.  

Giclee printing is fine art printed with the highest quality inkjet printers on materials such as canvas and watercolor papers.  Eagle can provide the finest quality printing on materials selected for their color and archival quality.  The subtle color differences that create the finest giclee prints require not only the best equipment but also the eye of an experienced printer.  Our print technician excels in her ability to work with clients, determine their needs and provide the highest quality imaging.